An overview of MDA Foundation activities for the Year

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First Meeting

On 20th Sep 2020 MDA Foundation organized a zoom meeting. Many people from abroad and inside the country participated in it. MDA invited views from the participants on the following points.

Second Meeting

The meeting held on 5th Oct 2020 was in continuation of the meeting held on 20th Sep 2020. This was organized with the Head of NSIC TECHNICAL Service Centre Delhi, to seek out the solutions to points raised in the previous discussion.

International Human Rights Day

To celebrate International human rights day MDA Foundation organized a zoom webinar on 12th Dec 2020. The theme was based on UN Theme 2020: Recover Better – Stand Up for Human Rights.

This day is observed to promote equality, peace, justice, freedom and the protection of human dignity. Every individual is entitled to rights irrespective of race, colour, religion, sex, language, or social status.
Addressing this webinar Dr Adv S P Ashok, Chairman and Director, MDA Foundation said that so many laws and lack of awareness about them and inadequacies of the legal system and insufficient support from the legal services authorities need to be focused on to ensure the protection of human rights in the country. There was a panel of 6 members to discuss the legal system of our nation.

Entrepreneurship Skill in Young Generation

The MDA Foundation is working to develop entrepreneurship skill in our young generation specifically to the economically weaker section of society. It organised a 15-day online training in collaboration with NSIC, INDIA from 15th Dec 2020 to 29th Dec 2020.

Training on EDP

MDA Foundation organised a zoom meeting with the participants of training on EDP on 2nd Jan 2021 with the thought of a new year and new beginning in the field of business.

Business Chaupal-One

It organised Business Chaupal-One on 15th Jan 2021 in collaboration with Mukundan’s Institute for food safety and technology, Kerala. It was all about opportunities in the food processing industry. Prof. (Dr.) M.K. Mukundan, Managing faculty of this institute, focused on Food Processing & Value Addition, Food Safety and also the EDP for better income and community support.

Sido Kanhu Murmu University

Mda Foundation had a meeting on 21st Jan 2021 with the Vice-Chancellor of Sido Kanhu Murmu University of Dumka, Jharkhand and their team.

We are aiming to develop and create academic institution partnership(s) with International and Indian universities for more in the coming decade. We are continuously working to create institutional networks to provide academic fieldwork and research possibilities and online courses in various fields of study. We are also working to provide internships and study trips for the students which will be a great exposure for building their foundation in their career. We as an NGO are interested in further expanding two forms of possible partnerships and collaborations with academic institutions from within India as well as from foreign countries. We and Sido Kanhu Murmu University, Dumka (SKMU) have collaborated for the development efforts in order to achieve greater impact and influence. We are desirous of extending the information, knowledge on educational, career, scholarships, fellowships; carrying out activities in the field of educational, social, cultural and organising trainings, workshops, seminars for the career guidance and growth of the students of the second party as per aims and objectives with this collaboration. We are coordinating with various Government Agencies to start various schemes for the benefit and welfare of the students. We hope this collaboration will result in great accomplishments and success stories in the form of development, growth, progress and achievement of the students of SKMU.


Foundation has distributed Ration to migrant workers and people in vulnerable communities. We have distributed ration kit in area of A.K. Nayak, Fort. The lockdown has resulted in loss of livelihoods, which is causing intense financial distress and food insecurity among the economically weaker sections, especially daily wagers, domestic workers, construction labourers, homeless persons and residents of slum settlements. The plea has sought provision of dry rations for people who possess or do not possess ration cards. We are aiming to provide freshly free cooked meals through all homeless shelters and through hunger relief centres set up for the purpose and ensure no one desirous of food is turned away without food.


Writing is an Act of Courage.

We had arranged free distributions of books in the area of Khar West, Mumbai to the deserving poor and meritorious students free of cost as in recent times many children have shown the urge to learn, to be educated and started attending schools. Despite being able to attend school these children are unable to afford academic books due to high prices of the books.
The scheme of Free Distribution of Books focuses our aim, to distribute as many books as we can, which includes notebooks, text books, novels, story books, workbooks, any other knowledgeable books alongwith the study materials. The deep seated urge to inculcate the reading habit among all the people irrespective of class, caste and economic status, gave birth to this unique scheme of collecting books from people who no longer need them and distributing them to readers who might otherwise hesitate to buy new books.
This is a win-win situation as both the donor as well as the beneficiary are happy. The donor experiences a sense of fulfilment with the knowledge that the books that were once lying idle at home are now enjoying a fresh lease of life and the receiver is happy to get books for free. We owe our success to the great support of the press and media and to the large number of people eagerly turned up to receive the books that they wished to read.


Fight against Corona Virus

As Maharashtra, specially Mumbai is in the list of highly active coronavirus positive cases we have distributed 3-ply face masks and sanitizers to the people who could not afford to purchase the same on timely basis. We have focused on migrant workers and labourers and the slum residents in A.K. Nayak Marg, Fort. We are aiming to distribute the basic medical supplies and food kits to them as this pandemic has hit them at a large scale financially to even afford the basic necessities free of cost. We have also made them aware of various schemes and programmes conducted by local government facilities for procurement of basic necessity for daily livelihood, which includes, food kits, medical supplies, books, stationeries, ration, etc.